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Assalamu'alaikum :)
Hey fellas how are you? I hope you are fine :). Oh ya I just realized that today is half of april, omg time passed so fast. It's almost May then June where is half of the year, and  I realized that I have not much to do to achieve a resolution which I have planned before. I had too much time wasted. I think I have to manage my time from now on in order to do things to achieve my resolutions in this year. Fighting :)

Ok back to topic of this post. This time I wanna posting about my outfit of the day (OOTD) while going hangout with my friends. Because this is just a quick post so I dedicate to post two outfit here. I choose to wear a simple outfit but still look chic. So let's check this out.

On the first picture I wear my favorite longsleeve stripes mix with my favorite too high waisted pants in orange for my hijab it is phasmina chiffon seruti, the bag is from burberry and my white wedges where is so bored yet so comfortable.

on the 2nd and 3rd photo I wear my most favorite YSL top in black, and plaid pants which is burberry pattern. For the scarf I wear phasmina crincle, actually the color is peach but the lights of my camera make this look cream color. The brown clutch is from chanel and the last is black wedges.

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