Adventure at Rawa Aopa Watumohai

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Assalamu'alaikum :)
In This time I'm gonna post my short vacation in South Konawe. Honestly this is not real vacation, the truth is I had a practice in village which called PBL. And lucky me, that village is near with  Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park. Yeay! 
On friday, my friends invited me for adventure at National Park Rawa Aopa. I have seen that park before on my way to go to Konsel, but I just saw the swamp. But on of them told me that this park has a beautiful view, then he show me some shots of the beautiful side of this park and I just speechless. The view are really beautiful. After that we planned to have an adventure on saturday. We go there by pick up car with some friends from Roraya village to accompanied us to go to the hill called "Modus Hill" because no one in my group who know the way to get there.

It's the gateway from South Konawe. FYI,  this park is very spacious and it's located in several districts and has an area of 1,050 km². The park has varied vegetation: sub-montane rain forests, mangrove forests, coastal forests, savanna and freshwater swamp forests. From this gateway we are only able to see savanna along the way, but if you wanna see the hill called "Watumohai" then we have to travel about an hour. 

This is savanna, I took it along the way. I just have one good shot because I took it with my phone and the camera couldn't take quickly.

During on our way, we passed swamps and shrubs. In that area there are only a few trees, mostly desert. Me and my friends are very excited even the sunshine feels like burn our skin, but we don't give up hahaha. Along the way we singing together to make us keep spirit. YAY!

After 1 hour drive we finally arrived at the hill called "Modus Hill". I can't stop say "Subhanallah", it's really good view. I felt grateful to be there, made me see and realize that god's creation is beautiful. Beautiful scenery and fresh air this is one beautiful moment of my life.

I'm so pretty excited and surprise. Of course we don't forget to take photo to immortalize this moment. My friend told me that it feels like we are in New Zealand lol :D

Hey guys, thankyou for this adventure. It's one beautiful moment in my life.

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Tourism Ambassador "Anandonia-Luale" of Kendari City 2015

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Assalamu'alaikum :)
Hello friends, the lazy blogger is back hehehe
On last week I joined selection of Tourism Ambassador of Kendari City 2015. It's like "Abang-None Jakarta" but in Kendari it's called "Anandonia-Luale".
Little description of this event. This event is held every year are choosing men and woman who will become an icon of Kendari City at the same time help the city government particularly in the field of tourism to promote tourism potential as a tourism object and cultural.

My motivation to participate in this event is I want to be an ambassador for my city tour because so much potential for tourism that can be developed and introduced to the tourists both local and international, the second is I want to broaden my experience and knowledge as well and I had never follow events like this before.

Btw, before we're selected as finalists we're have an interview test. The test are consists culture of Tolaki's tribe, tourism, knowledge and ability to speaking in English,  psychology and personality and appearance. And Alhamdulillah I can past the interview test as well as I can be one of the finalist.

Me and my friends were wearing Tolaki's traditional clothing, so proud to wear this clothes :D


Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful to have an opportunity to join this event and be one of the winner in category of "Luale Persahabatan". By this event I found new friends, new experience, new knowledge, etc. And from this event too I've learning something that in our live we have to show our totality of doing something in order to give satisfactory results. Thank you for my lovely parents and my best friends who has given me support. I love you :)

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