DOTD (Diary Of The Day)

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Hello, we meet up again :)
Btw how's your day guys? hopefully going well, Amin.
As the tittle "diary of the day" so in this time I want to tell you something about me, or everythings happen to me in 2013. There are so many things that happened in last year, good and bad. Start from the good, Allah SWT has show me how many people who loves me. When I getting sick my parents care to me and also my bestfriends visited me and be kidding to me until I forget that I was sick at the time. There's also my boyfriend (p.s now ex-boyfriend). And on my birthday, my bestfriends give me sureprise, they were deliberately did'nt give me birthday greetings until night they were came to my house and at the time the lights were extinguished then one of my friend suddenly appeared with a birthday cake and they all sang happy birthday song. I'm sureprise, speechless then laughing at the time. Hahaha what a beautiful moment :D.
For the bad things, Allah SWT has give me an ordeal, I break up with my boyfriend, and what's really hard is there were a big problem in my family that make me crying  all the time, feeling upset and lost hope. But alhamdulillah the problems can be solved and from the problems I've learned how to be more mature and strong and take a lesson. The conclusion is the good make me thankful and the bad make me learn. I wish more happiness in this year, and no more crying :). Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

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