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Assalamu'alaikum :)
Hello guys we meet again. Omg this is February now, time flies so fast. Btw how's your day in the first week of this month? I hope everything is going like your plan. Okay for this time I want to post my outfit of the day called "colorful". I choose the colorful theme because lately I'm in love with the bright color such orange and peach, so I dedicate to mix my orange long pants with tribal shirt and my new peach scarf as a hijab. And this colorful theme represents my feelings now, I want to change my life to be more colorful because I just realized that last year my life is like a grey color too much problems and more crying and in this year I don't wanna my life like the past. I want to meet someone who will make my day more colorful, find new friends, and trying a something new that I never try before, etc. I wish those thing will going on like my plan. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin. Ok I think enough about my story, so let's check it out some snaps of my style...

Peach Scarf as a hijab
Shirt in Tribal Pattern
Long Pants in Orange
Wedges in Pink Pastel + Black

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