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First of all I want to say "Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan". Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT still give us a chance to live until today so we can meet Ramadhan in this year. Let us pray more and purify ourselves from sins we have done so far. hopefully our sins can be forgiven by Allah SWT, Amin. 

Almost forget, welcome July and good bye June. I wish barakallahu for this month, may Allah SWT always bless us, keep healthy, hope every things will going well. This my month, two days countdown to my birthday, yeay :)

Btw, in this post I just want to post my OOTD, it's taken on two weeks ago. This is a late post because I have no time to write a blog post since I spending my time on campus and complete the tasks that are so much. And in this week I have final examination, I have to study hard for get a best result in this semester. Lets fight, yeah!!!

Okay, back to the topic, this OOTD style is just simple. I mix and matching my orange pencil skirt, long sleeves, tribal scarf and my lovely boots and brown clutch. I love to dress up like this, simple but look so chic. The boots make you look like a boyish style but because I wear skirt so it's still look like feminine.

Tribal Scarf
Long Sleeves - YSL
Pencil Skirt
Clutch - Chanel

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