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 Assalamu'alaikum fellas :)

Today I wanna posting about my outfit photos, okay this is late post because I take these picture when I was so busy to preparing my college practice called PBL (Pengalaman Belajar Lapangan) so I have no time to post it. I was practice about 2 weeks with my team in a village called Roraya. And bad me, I was forgot to bring my laptop at my practice area so I can't post these outfit photos. Alhamdulillah my practice time is over and the result is really good. 

Okay because in these photos I was wearing white top and the skirt is red where it's look like Indonesian flag and it's August and 3 days ago my country has celebrate the Independence day, so specially I want to give a greeting to my country "Happy Independence Day Indonesia". I hope this country has advanced in any field. Amin :)

About my style, I choose to mix and matching my white top and my favorite red skirt, this is a pencil skirt. And for the outer I wear cardigan with pattern, I don't know what the pattern is, LOL :D. And for covered my hair I wear my mom's yellow scarf.  

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  1. Unfortunately I couldn't see the event.
    I am interested with Tolaki's culture since I have been living in Kendari.


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