Shining Like The Sun

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Hello Fellas, meet up again with me :)
This is gonna be my late post again, again.. and all over again. Hahaha I'm such a lazy blogger, bad me.
Okay, as the tittle "Shining Like The Sun" in this post, I'm gonna post my outfit which looks like shining. I wear clothes with bright colours and you have to know that I took this photos in the midday about 11.30 a.m so you guys must know it's where sun light so hot and the weather on my country (Indonesia) is hot and the effect of global warming make it more hot. How bad the earth's temperature now, the global warming is causing Arctic ice melt so that the temperature of the earth has increased. I hope everybody in this world do go green to reduce the impact of global warming. Let's safe the world :). 
You can look at my photos, I took these photos at the bottom of the tree to protect my skin from the UV, let's check it out :)

I choose to wear my electric blue blazer with my chiffon pants, there is an electric blue colour on the pattern which looks so matching. And my cousin's heels the color is gold and to make my whole outfit looks matching I choose to wear the yellow scarf as the headscarf.

See you, xoxo ^^

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