Quality Time With Besties #2

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Assalamu'alaikum fellas :)

Welcome September, lol :D. It's too late to say welcome to September but it's better late than never. Am I right? hahaha :P.  Well this gonna be my late post, since my last post is Quality Time With Besties #1. have been post about two weeks ago, omg... how lazy I am.
Exactly I don't lazy as I taught, but my college has just start from two weeks ago so I have to prepare my self to face this semester, because in this semester I just entered into the specialization of Public Health called "Epidemiology". I have to study hard to get better grades and increase knowledge about public health and I wish I could apply my knowledge to the community to prevent disease. Yes, because "Preventive is Better Than Cure". Let's prevent the disease, so we can be healthy and have a long life, and then we can life productive.

Back to the topic of the tittle, I just wanna share about my quality time with my besties. So let's check it out :)

You guys can see how happy us to be best friends. Smile is everywhere, sometimes we laugh and I said "keep smile" then the photographer take the picture. It's really fun, yeah :)

For my outfit, I wear nude asymmetric as outer, this is my favorite outer ever. I love the color, it's soft and I love the pieces. And my new harem pants. For the headscarf I wear phasmina satin in gold,to make my look elegant.
okay, that's all about my post for this time, see you guys ^^

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